23 September 2017

This Heritage Day we are encouraged as South Africans to celebrate our cultures along with the diversity of our beliefs and traditions. It is vital that as we celebrate this day with our loved ones, we make use of the internet to share and preserve our memories.

With 20 years of Democracy, South Africa has come a long way in ensuring equality and freedom for its citizen’s in a political context. However, “only six out of ten South African’s have quality access to the internet” According to StatsSA 2017.

Additionally, access to the internet using all available means is highest in Gauteng, followed by Western Cape and Mpumalanga; Limpopo, the Eastern Cape and the North West remain the lowest. These reports highlight the digital divide that South Africans continue to experience.

May we use this Heritage Day to create more awareness on the importance of internet access for all South Africans in bridging not only the digital divide, but also the socio-economic disparities that many South Africans face on a daily-basis. Moreover, may this Heritage Day reemphasize that South Africa belongs to all those who live in it.

BY: Dudu Mkhwanazi – CEO Project Isizwe