Fun Learning for Youth (FLY) is a nonprofit organisation centred around a team of young professionals who volunteer their time to make a meaningful contribution to the development teaching mathematics to underprivileged learners in the Cape Town townships of Gugulethu, Langa and Khayelitsha. Enabled by generous funding from Coronation, Project Isizwe brought the JL Zwane Community Centre online in 2014.

The centrally located Community Centre in Gugulethu caters for secondary school learners from the surround communities, who received mathematics tutoring and mentorship from the 50 volunteers who aimed to empower the young students. The FLY programme encouraged learners to remain in school beyond Grade 10, helping them to perform well in mathematics so that they are able to obtain a bachelor pass in Grade 12 and thereafter access tertiary education.

The Project Isizwe provided Free WiFi brought 3000 users online in the lowincome communities surrounding the JL Zwane Community Centre.