The digital divide in South Africa affects the success of township social enterprises

30 July 2018 Social enterprises are replacing the traditional idea and way of doing business and we are seeing an increase in the amount of youth drawn to establishing enterprises within low-income communities to solve social-economic ills. Social enterprises generate...
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Reflecting: Women’s Day

  9 August 2018 On this day in 1956, an estimated 20,000 South African women of all races staged a march on the Union Buildings in protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act of 1952. The women left 14,000 petitions at the office doors of the...
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Heritage Day 2017: Reflect, mobilize and celebrate

23 September 2017 This Heritage Day we are encouraged as South Africans to celebrate our cultures along with the diversity of our beliefs and traditions. It is vital that as we celebrate this day with our loved ones, we make use of the internet to share and preserve...
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IoT in Africa means internet, for people and things

23 October 2017 IoT (internet of things) is not just another way to say machine-to-machine communication, it represents a communication opportunity for everyone, and everything. And it is important that unconnected people do not get left out of the conversation in...
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Pre-paid packages should give twice the amount of data

21 December 2017 Buying data in bulk should give you a better price. It is the principle of economy of scale. The problem the poor face is that they can only afford what cash they have in their pocket. Most times they can’t even afford that. So when they make a bundle...
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People in low-income communities are digitally excluded

      20 August 2018 I joined Project Isizwe 18 Months ago and have come to realize that - while we enable the deployment of public WiFi hotspots in low-income communities - we are also strongly advocating for digital inclusion for the poor (those that...
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“Youth empowerment and the future”: How access to technology can help create opportunities for our youth

20 September 2018 South Africa’s future will be shaped by the youth of today, and as a young woman coming from a low-income community – I am particularly passionate about education, advocating for internet access and providing our youth – specifically our young girls...
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Affordability lies behind the digital divide.

29 September 2018 The world is going through a digital revolution, where access to education, healthcare, jobs and even modern relationships has moved online. This then means there is a disparity between not only the poor and the rich, but the divide between those who...
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Project Isizwe part of TV White Space connectivity project consortium

Project Isizwe is part of a groundbreaking TV White Space connectivity consortium. Read more by clicking on these links below:
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Donate Data and bridge the digital divide

Good News!

On the 1st March 2019, there was a monumental change in the telecommunications law of South Africa


Data now belongs to the end user.


What does this mean to you?


1) Your data doesn’t expire anymore

2) Your unused data accumulates each month and gets added to next month.

3) You can transfer your excess data to someone else on the same network


How can I use this to help others?


Make a difference to someone by giving them data they can’t afford. You can transfer some of your excess data to them. To you its just extra data, to them it can educate, include and empower.


How easy is it to make a difference?


Project Isizwe have four SIM cards for you to transfer your excess data to:

081 Telkom number

082 Vodacom number

083 MTN number

084 Cell C number


We will load this data up onto devices that give out Wi-Fi. The devices will be located at carefully selected NGO’s operating in the townships and low-income rural areas. The NGO will give free Wi-Fi to those who need it most.