What does Project Isizwe NOT do?

We do not do fibre. We do WiFi. We do not cover wealthy suburbs. We do low-income communities. We do not do 3G. We do WiFi. We do not make a profit. Any surpluses are invested back in the network to make it faster. We do not do paid-for WiFi. Low-income communities...

What is the product?

Free WiFi access with no passwords or logins. Connect, click and surf in open public spaces around schools, universities, libraries, sports clubs, community centres and parks.

Why are we doing this?

In today’s connected world, access to the internet should be considered an essential service, like water or electricity and just like water and electricity, it should be available to everyone, regardless of circumstance. South Africa is lagging behind the world in...

Why Isizwe?

‘Isizwe’ is Xhosa for nation, tribe, and people. By connecting the people of South Africa to one another and to the internet, we empower the continent to work together towards a brighter future.