Nombuso Mnikhati

Nombuso Mnikhati

Meet Nombuso Mnikhati, Project Isizwe’s WiFi Entrepreneur in Kwadabeka

Hello! My name is Nombuso Mnikhati and I am a WiFi Entrepreneur for Project Isizwe. I joined on the 1st of December 2019 and am based in the Kwadabeka township, in Section H.

In my role as a WiFi Entrepreneur, I introduce our Project Isizwe and YeboYes WiFi to users and explain to them how our offering is different and unique compared to other WiFi packages and mobile operating networks.
Since joining Project Isiziwe as a Yes4Youth intern, I have learnt that we have to value and respect each other so we can move from our often one-dimensional view of the world, in order to see things as they really are. I work with people every day and I've learnt that I need to employ high levels of respect so that I can impact on users in such a way that they are able to understand and make use of what we offer.

One of the challenges that I have had to work hard to overcome is having to make people understand that at some point they have to take money out of their own pocket if they want something valuable. Although Project Isizwe does offer a Free WiFi data allocation, people need to realise that once this runs out, they need to use their own money to top up with YeboYes.

I’m not a guru, but I love IT. Being part of the Project Isizwe team has increased my awareness and interest in this field. After my internship ends, I am hoping to pursue a career in more hardcore IT work like installing hotspots and configuring WiFi. It would be great to build a working partnership with Project Isizwe in the future too.

Project Isizwe has opened doors for me. I've had the opportunity to do some online courses and obtain a few certifications. Now I'm excited because I'm able to do the important things I've always wished to achieve through this opportunity that I have.