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Free WiFi for South Africa.

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Every South African citizen has a right to access good quality, affordable Internet, and that access should not be determined by the socio-economic conditions of the individual, but be based on the principles of social solidarity, equity and fairness. 

Project Isizwe believes that the best means of addressing inequality is the deployment of government-funded Free WiFi throughout public spaces in low-income communities. Each citizen should be within walking distance of Free WiFi.

What is Project Isizwe?

The traditional telco model is to price services for what the market can bear. Spend as much as possible, add a mark-up, sell to customer.

That’s why data rates in Africa are so expensive. Its because telcos are spending too much money building their networks.

At Project Isizwe we design our networks the other way round. We remove all unnecessary frills. No expensive extras. No big head office building. And we pass on the savings in the form of ultra-affordable connectivity.

The result is champagne taste at beer prices.

Project Isizwe is a non-profit organisation which aims to bring the internet to people across South Africa, by facilitating the roll-out of Free WiFi for public spaces in low income communities, with a core focus on connectedness for the purpose of education.

Isizwe helps Local, District and Provincial Governments plan, roll-out and maintain Free WiFi networks. Our non-profit structure allows us to pool bandwidth, source local installers, and deal with Government Departments without the traditional mark-ups.

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Click here to download the story of Tshwane Free WiFi

Find your nearest FIZ


Looking for your nearest Free Internet Zone? Have a look at the Tshwane FIZ coverage map. Find your nearest FIZ

Welcome to WiFi TV

Introducing WiFi TV, a new video-on-demand service available for unlimited access over the City of Tshwane Free WiFi network. For the people, by the people. Current Affairs, Style, Music, Sport and more!  Watch WiFi TV

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20 June 2016 is World Wi-Fi Day


Project Isizwe is proud to be a part of World Wi-Fi Day. Learn More
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